Craft Beers

Kinda Light

Light Hybrid

Clean grain flavor with a crisp, dry finish. Hops add a well-balanced floral note to this light body, refreshing beer.
IBUs: 21 ABV: 4%

Girl Next Door

Blonde Ale

High carbonated, malt oriented beer with a fruity, hop based finish. Balanced tasting ale without aggressive hop flavors.
IBUs: 20 ABV: 6.0%

Kentucky Farmhand

American Wheat

This unfiltered wheat style combines a spicy hop finish with bready malts for a truly unique, savory flavor. Refreshingly smooth and well-balanced.
IBUs: 20 ABV: 5.2%

Pacific Time

American IPA

This unique beer carries a fruity, hop flavor with a citrus aroma. Overall dry finish with a light malt presence make for an amazing IPA.
IBUs: 50 ABV: 6.2%

7th Street Runoff

Brown Ale

Dark reddish-brown ale, infused with the sweet malt aroma of toffee and a dry finish. Light body with low carbonation gives the perception of a much bigger beer.
IBUs: 25 ABV: 5.2%


Ordinary Bitter-NITRO

Complex style beer has a bready malt flavor with an earthy, hop aroma. A fine, off-white head combines with rich amber color to make this beer impressive in sight & taste.
IBUs: 25 ABV: 4.4%


Scottish Stout-NITRO

Chocolate with hint of roasted grain, this dark brown beer has a long lasting head. A hint of dark fruit and low carbonation means this beer glides across your tongue.
IBUs: 32 ABV: 7.5%


English Brown Porter

Dark brown in color with ruby highlights and a long lasting off-white head. The toasted bread and dark fruit flavors combine for a very rich palate.
IBUs: 22 ABV: 5%


Scottish Ale

Deep amber with ruby highlights. Rich, malty sweetness with a hint of dark fruits. Smooth full-bodied beer with low carbonation.
IBUs: 30 ABV: 8.5%


Irish Red Ale

Reddish-copper ale has a slight toasted bread note, with moderate hop bitterness. A dry finish makes this beer refreshingly clean and smooth.
IBUs: 29 ABV: 4.7%