Food & Beer Pairing: Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving! There is nothing better than pairing the perfect beer with your Thanksgiving meal.

Whether you’re hosting or going to family or friends, make sure you aren’t going empty-handed. Stop by the taproom or your local liquor store and grab a 6-pack of Wooden Cask beer.

Here are the perfect food and beer pairings with some of our beers:

Kentucky Farmhand, American Wheat 

Food Pairing: Green Bean Casserole, Brussel Sprouts, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes

Light beers, specifically wheat beers pair very well with vegetable dishes with lots of flavors.

Girl Next Door, Blonde Ale

Food Pairing: Ham 

If you have ham at your  Thanksgiving dinner on top or instead of turkey, our Girl Next Door is a perfect pairing.

7th Street Runoff, Brown Ale/NewPorter, Porter

Food Pairing: Baked/Roasted Turkey

The browning that adds color and flavor to many types of processed food, including beer is similar to when a turkey carmelizes during roasting. So, pair your turkey with a 7th Street Runoff or a NewPorter.

The Scotsman, Scotch Ale

Food Pairing: Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy

A malt heavy beer like The Scotsman also pairs well with turkey and a side of mashed potatoes and gravy.

Winter Ale, American Strong Ale

Food Pairing: Mashed Potatoes, Cornbread

Since potatoes and cornbread are light on flavor, pair those two dishes with a full-flavor beer, like our Winter Ale.

Pacific Time, IPA/Citrannati, Double IPA

Food Pairing: Sweet Potato Casserole 

A sweet potato casserole with its bold, sweet flavors will pair well with a hoppy IPA. The hops and bitterness of Pacific Time or Citrannati will enhance the flavors of the sweet potatoes and marshmallows.

Reformation, Scottish Stout

Food Pairing: Chocolate Pie

When eating dessert, you need to pair it well with a dessert beer. The hints of chocolate and cocoa will pair well with any kind of chocolate pie at the end of the night.

Corruption, Barrel-Aged Scottish Stout

Food Pairing: Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie

Again, when ending your night with dessert, you must end it with a dessert beer. Corruption’s notes of creamy mouthfeel and notes of chocolate and bourbon will pair well with the two most famous Thanksgiving pies.


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